N30: Immigrant Rights Rally @ Westlake 4pm!

On the anniversary of the 1999 WTO trade talks and the powerful resistance seen on Seattle’s streets ten years ago, the Washington Immigrant Rights Action Coalition (WA-IRAC), in conjunction with the Seattle+10 Organizing Committee, will hold a rally at 4:00pm on Monday, November 30th at Westlake Park.

WA-IRAC and its allies will stand together on November 30th to expose and give voice to the often unheard and unseen attacks being made nationally and locally on immigrant communities, to call for real immigration reform now, and to demand a moratorium on the continuation of the current unjust and cruel policies of enforcement. 

We are also continuing our campaign to pressure Seattle Building Maintenance (SBM) to stop the layoffs of the maintenance workers, immediately meet with the workers’ union and community members, and to respect and comply with the contract entered into with the workers. Westlake is chosen as a strategic site, due to SBM holding a contract with the mall!

This local situation effecting many of our community members highlights the need for immigration reform now, and an end to corporate greed’s exploitation of workers!

We look forward to your support and presence at this rally on N30!a

Please forward these fliers widely!


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