Meeting Minutes

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May 1st Action Coalition Meeting Notes 4/27/11

M&M Café, 6PM

Facilitated by Boca



Reports of Work to Date 

Office Work: Maria and Darwin

–       Ordered 100 vests for volunteers

–       Working on Name tags

o   Still need names of all the volunteers

o   Will there be blank nametags on the day of? Yes, they can write one when they check in.

–       Ordered 7 port-o-potties

o   Where were they last year? By the park – arriving Friday afternoon

o   not enough?

–       Got money for the t-shirts – paid for by sea mar

o   can everyone contribute minimum $5/shirt?

–       Comite authorized 500 posters – with the coalition logo, and people can write their own theme to carry in the march

o   can we put contact info on for coalition or Comite?

o   yes, but have to pay extra for any extra info on it

Volunteers/Security Updates

–       Joel will update his volunteer list

–       Brief report back from security training

–       PLEASE encourage your people to come to dress rehearsal, Friday at 6PM

o   Meet at m and m café, go to park, practice with radios

–       50 volunteers from a student group – high school

–       What is the difference between communications folks and security?

o   “Communications “ people are captains, they are the people on the security teams with radios

o   We have 8 captains – 5 from auburn, 3 from Seattle

–       Still need people to step up and be captains

–       Had to table some discussion of security logistics

–       Volunteers check in with Juan Galindo at 8AM for stadium set-up

March/logistics updates

–       Stadium is ready

–       Leaving at 1

o   Delay? Mass usually goes until 1:30, Jorge got them to promise to be done by 1:15

–       Route recap

–       UNITE HERE update

o   When we get to University, UNITE HERE will already be rallying at hotel. They will have huge signs, “We stand for hotel workers,” someone will speak, lift up banner, march will pass by, we’ll chant: “We are workers, we are one”

–       sound system outside church and bank – will it work? Someone will have to be there and explain as we go by.

–       Bucket brigade will be at 17th and Jackson as we pass CASA Latina, and then at stadium.

o   last year people were selling elotes at Casa Latina, should we reconsider when the bucket brigade starts?

o   need 5 more volunteers for the bucket brigade (they don’t march, just collect money) Call Sandra Aguilar at (253) 347-4229 to volunteer.

–       Comite will have an info table – every org has to bring their own table if they want to distribute info at the stadium– on the floor level in concrete area.

–       Action in front of Chase Bank – Fight for a Fair Economy – 5th and Union

–       Meeting with Police – very friendly – still negotiating about horses and motorcycles

o   horses will be in the back of the march

–       Have medic team – will be here on Friday

o   does city send medics?

o   Hasn’t been our experience here

–       We maybe will have a school bus following the march to pick up anyone who can’t walk the whole way – not for sure

o   would be nice if the bus would have bathroom

–       Going to march into the stadium from the side this year to avoid clog of last year

–       Need stage security

Day of:

–       Coalition members be at Blue House/Judkins by 10 AM. Darwin will be at blue house from 4-6 Friday and Saturday, if people volunteers need to pick anything up before Sunday (for example stadium set-up volunteers). Or starting at 9 until 12 on Sunday.

Program update:

–       As we go in a hip-hop group will be performing, then the other band. The bishop will speak/give a blessing, then Sid Mills will give a blessing, then into the rest of the program:

o   3 MCs

o   Sandy speaking for Comite

o   Joel Coronado speaking on behalf of the coalition and for CASA Latina (Seattle wage theft ordinance passed!)

o   Jocelyn – mariachi music

o   ? missed this

o   Larry Gosset

o   Jimadores – music

o   Principal speaker – Carlos Arango

o   Maria Guillen – speaking on behalf of youth

o   Speaker form UNITE HERE

o   Peruvian music

o   Roberto Gutierrez and Wendy Pantojo from Comite Sur

o   Jesus Lara: Speaker on silver mine displacement, will address trade

o   Hip-hop group will close

–       total – 2.5 hours

–       important for Sandy and Maria to also speak for the coalition

–       If there are any ideas for points we want Joel to cover, Joel can pass them on

Outreach update

–       Chaim has list of 400 people to call – Chaim will pass around list – to get people to come out to the march

–       STAR will take fliers to SCCC

–       On Saturday and Sunday will distribute at churches,

–       People have done south park and white center

–       Who collecting data for next year? Is it being gathered?

o   Yes. El Comite office is keeping a record of everything

–       Still need names of all supporting orgs for big behind stage banner before Friday morning!!

–       Franks Landing Community coming out to the march

–       Still need to put together press packets

–       Saturday night: send out press releases etc


–       CARW event raised $801, CARW donate $199 for a total of $1000!

–       CISPES fundraiser made $40

–       SWP – $164

–       Updates on other donors

Report of Ally Activities

–       Seattle solidarity network organized 10 other orgs with anti-capitalist frameworks for a group in the march

–       Allyship put announcement in Seattle gay news

–       Latino radio, Univision doing pushes to mobilize people


–       Seattle U Law Students coming as legal observers, wearing neon yellow National Lawyers Guild hats

–       El Comite Tacoma sending 9 buses

–       Renton and other places collecting bottled water for the march

–       Jesus Lara will get here the 29th and is giving presentations about the effects of the Canadian mining companies’ silver mining operations on the lands and sacred sights of the Huichol Indians, enabled by NAFTA

o   In Auburn – Saturday, April 30th, 12-2, St. Matthews Church

o   May 19th – protest at the Canadian and Mexican consulates in Seattle, and May 24th – Vancouver at the mining company headquarters

o   Stop Mining Alliance

o   Seattle CISPES organizing a car to go to Vancouver

o   We will revisit this after May 1st, to see how the coalition can support these actions

Meeting ended at 8:15, transitioned to Work Party at Comite Offices


April 14th, 2011 Meeting Notes


  • Mock Rally for all coordinators & volunteers in Judkins Park on Friday, April 29th @ 6pm
  • Meeting next week is CANCELED. The meeting the following week will be moved to Wednesday, April 27. Work Party afterwards to make banners, vest, signs & any other needs!



-Still need to contact police about the slight changes of the route. Also want to talk to them about no horses & no motorcycles of police (KL was unable to attend, so we’ll get an update next week)

-Boca & KL walked the route slowly; it took about an 1hr & 15 mins

-UNITE HERE will speak at 6th Ave & University St. about struggle with Hilton Hotel

-will stop at Chase Bank to raise awareness of a campaign led by SEIU & other groups

-haven’t decided if we are going to incorporate the Westin or not


-each security team will have a number

-will be given t-shirt, vests & ID Card

-we need more vests!

  • Vicky handling the Ushers
  • Juan Galindo is handling the grounds
  • Boca & Mick will take security folks
  • We need the names of all volunteers!
  • Please send name of ALL volunteers to Boca & a Roc so they can make the volunteer cards

Juan Jose Bocanegra –   Adam Roca –

  • Security training at St. Matthews Church in Auburn on Monday @ 6pm
  • Next Seattle Security Training will be on Tuesday, April 26 @ 6 at M&M Cafe
  • Mock Rally will go down for alllll coordinators & volunteers (especially security) folks in Judkins Park on Friday, April 29th @ 6pm

*Flyer Stuffs

-Boca will send out list of endorsers for us to double check. New fliers will be printed to reflect all the endorsing organizations

-Concern that the flyer just says 1pm, which is the time we will be leaving


*Salvadoran Committee & CISPES are working on throwing a party @ Autonomia (near 24th & Lane) on Saturday, April 23rd @ 7pm

-Aldo will make flyer by tomorrow & send it to the list

  • Other Monies

-$103 raised from CARW Public Meeting

-Money still coming in from various organizations, radio show, etc.

-Assuming we get $4000 from the bucket brigade like we did last year, we will be $2400 short

-Seems like we’re in good shape


-Logo revealed (folks marching with a giant ‘fight the power’ fist as backdrop)

-Will be making 500 & hoping to at least recuperate costs


-a lot bein done with various groups through lists & in the neighborhood through the Auntonomia Space & other means

-CAGJ is helping with outreach (and volunteers: 20!)

-Antonio, Steve & other folks went to Olympia last week to pass out lots of fliers

-Rainier Valley & Renton areas hit up by Clay & some peeps

  • will be passed out a conference in Yakima
  • Jobs with Justice have been sending flash e-mails
  • Areas in White Center, South Park & nearby areas  have been hit up. Predominantly positive response, but an issue did come up around things with Casa Latina b/c of the wage theft campaign. Also, an ID card to appear more official when dealing with some business would be beneficial
  • Some areas in Capitol Hill are being hit up. Waiting to hear back from a bank!
  • We need to get a thank you card to folks who have donated stuff for the Noche de Cultura
  • Gerardo Torres is coming from Honduras to speak at Wallingford United Methodist on April 19th @ 6:30pm as part of a Honduran Solidarity Committee event


*Oscar’s update:

-Went to Olympia last week, where 12,000 folks gathered & posted on El Comite’s page

-Communications consortium formed. If you wanna join, come to a mtg at the CISPES office Sunday @ 1pm

-Antonio will be on the  370 Am Radio tomorrow @ 10am on Voz de Washington

-A preliminary press release will be sent out in the next couple days. Goal is to send it out early morning on Monday


  • Vagos can’t participate
  • Carlos Arango from Chicago is trying to come. He’s a longtime activist, who did the first May Day rally in the US that was centered around issues of latino immigrants.
  • 3 possible candidates from Casa Latina; they are still trying to choose one
  • Hip Hop group is on board!
  • Have all groups talk to Bob to communicate what their technical needs will be
  • Meeting next week is CANCELED. The meeting the following week will be moved to Wednesday, April 27. Work Party afterwards to make banners, vest, signs & any other needs!
  • Community Briefing of UNITE HERE at 2800 1st Ave on April 21st @ 5 pm. Come if you need flyers or need to check in
  • Antonio will arrive at 9am to bring materials & set up


Rally for paid sick days for seattle workers on May 11th

-An event commemorating the 50 year anniversary of the bay of pigs

-Washington Can event is coming up in Olympia on Monday @ noon

Fatima Morales 206-713-5675 OR 206-466-8441en Twitter

  • No Borders, No Nations Conference in Tacoma (218 St. Helens Ave 98402) on Saturday, April 23rd @ 2 pm. Antonio & Boca will be doin a presentation!


April 7, 2011 May First Action Coalition Meeting

Boca facilitated

Next meeting: April 14, 2011 at St. Mary’s M&M Cafe.



-Call for volunteers is out over email, blog. Has been blasted. Please continue to blast the call for volunteers over your emails and all networks, social contacts

-Oscar Rosales Castaneda’s contact information (Communications coordinator): 509.594.2320

-Spanish language radio has been promoting the march, Univision’s local tv channel is ready to promote this event.

-Hispanic Media Association is ready and waiting for fliers to distribute in Spanish-language publications (through Felix Connections)

-The march will be broadcast live on radio. 6080AM


    • Still need to get together to plan for how to bring everyone into the march in a smooth way. Logistics committee will meet on Wednesday April 13 on this topic.
    • KL and Boca are walking the march route together on Friday morning
    • KL is still playing phone tag with the police re Route change
    • Volunteers: 10 from El Centro; 25 from One America; El Comite Auburn is bringing volunteers for the Bucket Brigade; unknown amounts from Mecha, Casa Latina, CARW. Joel is Volunteer coordinator. Email volunteer names and contact info to:
    • April 12: Communications training for security volunteers. 6pm Blue House. Call KL Shannon(206.854.5462), Juan Ramirez, or Boca (206.650.2106)
    • April 18: Security Training in Auburn for southern contingent. San Mateo/St. Matthew’s church 123 Elk St. NE 6pm
    • Chase Bank: Should we make this a stop/event along the route of the march? Steve suggested that Jobs With Justice try to put together a speaker or something outside Chase, and nobody objected…


    • Endorsers so far: SEIU Local 1199, SEIU Local 6, OPEIU Local 6, CISPES, El Comite Salvadoreno de Washington, One America, Northwest Regional Organizing Coalition for Laborer’s International, Casa Latina, AFT Seattle, SWP, CARW, SNOW, MLK Jr. County Jobs With Justice, Pacific Northwest AFSC, St. Mary’s Parish, UNITE Here Local 8, Allyship, El Centro de la Raza, Mecha, Pride At Work, Latin American Council for Labor Advancement, Martin Luther King County Labor Council
    • Continuing to call unions and organizations
    • April 9 fundraising event coming up: Union Cultural Center at 954 E. Union St near Broadway. 7-10pm. Music, beer, sangria, food, desserts, raffle. $10 suggested donation
    • April 17 fundraising event coming up: Breakfast cafe at 302 27th Ave. near Alder St. 10am-2pm. French toast, pancakes, frittatas, fried plantains…
    • Idea: have Felix Connections bring donation envelopes to 1000 Latino small businesses in the area.
    • Idea: network with larger Latino businesses as well


-We have passed out fliers at Labor demos all week, and brought out the new May Day 2011 banner (its a beauty). Saturday April 2 we were in Blaine (900 people); Monday UW rally (150 people); Monday April 4 MLK memorial/labor rally (600 people); Wednesday April 6 Olympia Capitol CAN rally (600 people); Friday April 8 – today – we’ll try to get someone on the mic to announce the march at this one.

-UNITE Here Local 8 sent out the flier to 3000 people with their newspaper.

-Again, Felix Connections is prepared to get about 10,000 fliers out as soon as the final Spanish language ones are prepared.

-Antonio will attend the April 13 Jobs With Justice meeting to speak about May First

At this point we broke into committees.

Committee reportbacks and action items:


    • Committee will meet on Wednesday April 13 to work out some more march logistics
    • Get the word out about the April 12 training for security volunteers!
    • If we can’t get the police to agree to the route change, the backup plan is to pass by the Westin
    • New training for ALL volunteers, including ushers, bucket brigade, and security: April 30, 2011 12noon-2pm. At St. Mary’s. (someone needs to reserve space).


    • The better records we keep of the phone calls we are making to raise support, the better we’ll be at making these calls next year. We need people who make calls to take notes, and then consolidate the records in one place when this is over.
    • Everyone should get in touch with friends they have who could donate.
    • It is time to start Neighborhood Canvassing! Fliers are at the Blue House if you don’t have any. Bring fliers to Latino businesses, and other places you know would connect with the May Day March: El Centro is taking a day for all staff to canvas Beacon Hill and other neighborhoods, Steve – Greenlake; Sandra/Leah – Burien; Adam and Becca: South Park; Janie: Lake City; Leah – Shoreline; Oscar, Juan, Chaim – White Center; Maria Guillen – UW; Star – Capitol Hill, Pioneer Square, SU, Downtown Library; Antonio – Auburn and Federal Way; Clay – Renton; Darwin – Lutheran Central Church, St. James; Oscar – UW Cesar Chavez events
    • Boca is looking for a sound system with two mics for the April 9 fundraiser.


Here is the program plan so far:

      1. Music: Jimador Norteno; 2) MCs Horacio, Sandra, and Tereza Gonzales; 3) Sandy Restrepo speaking for El Comite; 4) May 1st Action Coalition speaker (undecided); 5) Music: Joslyn; 5) Labor speaker: Rodolfo Franco, Pres. AFSCME 304; 7) UNITE Here Local 8 speakers Eric and member; 8) Musice: Quichua Masis (flute); 9) El Comie speaker re: defense against ICE – Roberto Gutierrez; 10) Speaker from Wisconsin; 11) Music: Smiley (hip hop act); 12) Gerald Lenoir from SF Bay; 13) Youth organizing speaker: Maria Guillen.


May 1st Action Coalition – 31 March, 2011

Next Meeting – Thursday, April 7th, 6pm at the Blue House, 2021 South Weller Street, Seattle, WA 98144



Sound to be at West side of stadium to draw crowd into – music will start before march arrives

Organizations may table at stadium (feel free to mention while doing outreach)

Setup team – coordinated by Juan Galindo (spelling?). Has 10 volunteers, needs ten more.

60-70 people needed at stadium who will not march

Vicki and Gabi from Comité will head ushers

Comité will have two snack bars


Goal for Security – 300

if 30 come to training, each will bring 10 to March

Trainings – Tuesday 4/12 and 4/16 6pm at the Blue House.

  1. have permits, venue, stage, sound.
  2. number system for groups to add organization to the march

KL and Jorge and Juan will get together to formulate preliminary plan

Juan will set up meeting

SEIU planning to wait on 4th and Jackson to join march. Other groups could do similarly.

  1. trainings. Juan, KL, and Boca will get together to prepare security trainings
  2. bike messengers? 2 at front, 2 at back (with helmets).
  3. suggestion – talk to police about motorcycles used in intimidating ways., establish plan to present way for motorcycles to move from checkpoint to checkpoint. (safety hazard, liability to City)
  4. tarp/set-up crew will not have chance to march. Don’t tell them they will.
  5. medic team –  Comité has 1st aid contingent set up and water rations to have available at march.
  6. should distribute bullhorns throughout the march. Often chants are concentrated at front.
  7. Route – Submitting change of route to accommodate stop in front of Hilton

Permit for Freeway Park, Unite Here will get, or Boca will include with permit

Proposed Route – Judkins Park, Jackson, 4th Ave, University, 6th Ave, Pine, 4th Ave, Clay, 5th Ave, Memorial Stadium

Need chants for Hotel Workers, and Chase


  1. upcoming events

Blaine event Saturday 31 March. 8 members from May 1 coming. Boca bringing banner.

April 4th, 5.30. Rally commemoration of MLK assasination. Organized by labor. MLK Memorial Park, 2200 Martin Luther King Jr. Way

April 6th. Antonio doing educational at Rotunda in Olympia.

April 7th. Healthcare Day in Olympia.

April 8th. Big Day. Olympia.

Bring Fliers!

  1. fliers – 2000 available tomorrow (by Urban Press), need list of endorsements soon
  2. Need to bring fliers to all events that people are attending between now and May 1.

Fliers will be at Blue House. Blue House open from 3 to 7pm, or call Boca. Fliers will be at sound stage in Olympia with Bob Barns after Monday.

  1. Fliering neighborhoods. Need people to sign up for neighborhoods. Contact Steve or Boca.
  2. approaching Capitol Hill churches. If anyone knows people from those churches, please to approach them about joining march


1) Sandy will speak for Comité

2) Need speaker for May 1st Action Coalition

3) Eric Ward has not returned calls

4) Need speaker from Wisconsin

  1. Still choosing speaker from Labor
  2. need to select person to speak for May 1st Action Coalition – Antonio or Boca. Jorge Quiroga? Worker from Casa Latina? – tabled to next meeting
  3. Tim Burgess, Dow Constantine, Mike McGinn possible speakers as well


$200 for businesses to show banner at stadium

Will be selling blocks to organizations ~$500 per block

Radio personality is doing fundraising work

Collection containers have been placed at some businesses

OPEIU, AFSC, AFG have contributed

Waiting for donations from other organizations

Please encourage your organizations to contribute whatever they can

Fundraiser April 9th

starts at 6, performances at 7

Capoeira Union Cultural Center

looking for food and beverage donations

All encouraged to come

Suggested donation – $10 or what you can

Will be wine and beer for sale

– for Redhook donations, need “special occasions license” and 501c3 status.

Comité has 501c3 to use. Boca going to Olympia,

– Advertised in Stranger

Goal is $2000

May 1 Fundraising Overview

$15,000 goal for May 1

  1. $4000 for stadium
  2. $6000+ for sound system
  3. $5000 bathrooms, banners, fliers ($2000, very small. 10,000 for Felix Connection, 2,000 for churches)
  4. $100 for permits
  5. sound system at Judkins Park

Usually get $4000 minimum from bucket brigade

$3000 from Comité

$2000 from April 9 event

Need ~$6000 from organizations


Over the past week: 1) set up post about fundraiser, word getting around. 2) Drafted letter for collection boxes. 3) In process of finalizing call for volunteers. Will send out email blast at beginning of next week.


May First Action Coalition – March 24th

Next Meeting: Thursday, March 31, 6 pm, at the Blue House



  1. training dates – Tuesday 4/12 6pm at the Blue House.  (Communication training, using the radios)

– Tuesday 4/26 6pm at the Blue House.  Security Training, formations, scenarios.  Need a lot of folks for that.  KL, Mauricio Martinez and Juan Ramirez will co-facilitate.  Miguel Angel Bocanegra, and Randy Nunez will be police liaisons.  Need to appoint a tag team from the M1AC leadership

  1. volunteers – need 200.  everyone needs to recruit.  last year, the people who showed up for training each had to recruit 5-10 more people.   On May 1st, get to St. Mary’s by 10am (and the marchers will need to get here by 12pm).


1)march route – application has been sent in. Unite Here requests we go by the Hilton (Westin is 2nd choice).  Route will need to be renegotiated to make that work.

  1. park permit – Judkins park is permitted already
  2. food vendors – people from El Comite will be selling food inside the stadium at the stands
  3. ushers – didn’t do a good job last year.  will be critical for the stadium.  last year, tried to have the security people do this, but it didn’t work, everything got clogged.  need to have more people directing people in the stadium, need to go through the main entrance this year.  also, the people in the front with the banner will need to be really clear about marching straight in through the main entrance, and move all the way in, and then guide people in.  part of this would be also the responsibility of the security people. NEED VOLUNTEERS.  People from Tacoma and Auburn?
  4. volunteers for stadium setup – put out the tarps, weight them down, cord off areas, etc.  people from union and other places, we have 10 volunteers already, and we need double that.  possible to set up and then march.


have contacted Eric Ward from Chicago (active in solidarity efforts between African-American community and immigrant communities, great speaker) and Representative from Arizona  (Grijalva) to see if they are available .  This week we’ll decide who will be the speaker from Comite.  Also need to talk to King County Labor Council who are working on seeing if someone from Wisconsin can come for the march.  Joel talked to Salvador, invited him to speak, Boca will follow up with him.    Have a music group to play as people enter the stadium.  Need more music – 2 hour program (3-5pm)


    1. calls follow up. 3 weeks ago, organizations received fundraising/support letters. Boca needs help contacting people.  Wednesday March 30 4pm-6pm  Joel, Janie, Steve, Star, Leah M

2) fundraising projects – April 9 Event. Copoeira Cultural Center close to Union and Broadway. 6-10pm. Performances from Seattle Fandango Project, Copoeira performance, and Smiley will do some performance.  Have someone MC.  Need food and wine donations.  Boca will talk with St. Michelle wintery, Chaim will follow up with Star about donations from Redhook Brewery.    Need volunteers for 4pm setup, and to handle food and take donations.  Antonio will volunteer.  Maria too. Eli too.   Star is point person for this. if you can help.  Goal is to raise $2000.  Leah will email The Stranger’s event calendar.

3) Secret Cafe fundraiser, April 7, 10-2pm to fundraise for May First March.  302 27th Ave. Seattle, WA

3) Idea – Have organizations donate money per block and have the organization set up their banner and everything on that block.

May 1st Organizing

volunteers – Each organization needs to recruit volunteers for this event.  Can we put out a call for volunteers on the Facebook/blog, and then have a person keep a running list.  There have been radio announcements asking for volunteers already.  Nobody is yet designated to coordinate.  We need 200 volunteers for security and 30 for ushers.  Joel will be the volunteer coordinator.   Everyone needs to lean on their organizations to bring in volunteers.


    1. Flier is under way.  Steve found some art from Mark Alewitz and mocked it up as a flier.  We have also found some artwork from a mural in Oaxaca with a lot of pro-worker, anti-globalization images.

Language for the flier: use the demands that come from the Workers Assembly.  Message will be We Are All Workers: From Arizona to Wisconsin, same fight.

Need flier ready by April 2.

    1. Felix Connection, a company will distribute fliers throughout the state in Spanish speaking newspapers – 10,000.  Felix Valdarrama
    2. Unite Here needs a flier by March 30 to go in their monthly mailing.

media/press team

press releases, blogs, facebook, articles of solidarity  Oscar says: press release is in the works, staying in contact with the logistics team,   There is a radio program announcer who is announcing for people to contribute into a US Bank account, and is asking Felix to put a donation box in the stores when he puts the fliers around. Oscar can put together a letter to go with the donation boxes.

Other Reports

Worker Solidarity/April 6th/do a workshop. People will be occupying capital, trying to stay over. Asked by WaCAN. In Spanish. Boca can do it.

Honduras Solidarity Committee. Honduras Since the Coup. April 19th, 6.30pm. Wallingford United Methodist Church 2115 North 42nd St. Seatlle, WA 98103 Looking for sponsors (May 1st Action Coalition will sponsor). Spread word, may pass out literature.

Unite Here. community briefing Thursday, April 21st, 5 to 6.30p, labor temple. in anticipation of large summer campaign. Coalition Members encouraged to come

Next Meeting: Thursday, March 31, 6 pm, at the Blue House


March 15th, 2011


Worker’s Assembly Report Back

-120-150 people attended

-Discussed what the main message for May Day should be – people really identified with Arizona, and the other states being affected, as well as the situation in Wisconsin – same fight. Main message = “Somos Trabajadores”/”we are all workers”

-the march route was not discussed, but it sounds like we will be leaving from st. mary’s, going through downtown on 4th, with a possible reroute to stop at one of the Unite Here hotels. (westin or Sheraton-all contracts end May 31st)

-Discussed Utah Legislation

-set of immigration bills have passed

-give police the authority to ask for papers

-guest worker program still pending-need permission from federal govt.

-asking for a waiver for all undocumented workers for 2 years if they register

-not as bad as AZ, has support of churches, labor, and many immigrants, being called progressive

-puts Obama administration in check

-we should try to do something similar here, but more progressive, can be a tool for organizing

Committee Report-backs

-didn’t break into committees because not enough people


-speakers-someone from Wisconsin, possibly eric ward

-king county labor council has resolution pending to support the march



-need to get security and communications trainings arranged ASAP

-60 people just for stadium

-volunteer outreach committee?

Meeting Schedule

-discussed whether the rotating meeting schedule was effective or not? Same day every week?

-should we only meet every other weeks?

-would it be better to have meetings at the blue house because people know where it is?

-Next Meeting: Tonight! El Comite Offices, 2021 Weller, 6 p.m.


-discussed how AZ legislation was pushed through by private prison corporation

-national real ID – pushed back to 2016


May 1st Action Coalition – March 10th, 2011


February 25th Rally

  • had close to 100 participants
  • marched to Department of Licensing offices and the Immigration Court
  • community members provided testimonies
  • it was very cold
  • good show of support for immigrant community
  • had national media coverage by Univision which has a large audience, received about 2 minutes of air time

Licensing Bill

  • died in committee
  • advocates of bill will try to keep it alive, may try to attach it to other legislation
  • Senator Haguen was quoted as saying, “ a bill never dies.”
  • Gregoire was quoted, “I’ll sign anything that comes on my desk about this.”

There was a good showing at Latino Lobby day, good showing of political power.

March 10th Wisconsin Solidarity Rally

  • 100- 200 people present
  • labor well represented
  • talk of follow up action
  • Does coalition want to use involvement as build-up event to May 1? Yes.

Thursday, March 17th, Rally organized by WA State Labor Council, in Olympia,

  • Coalition will send delegation
  • will bring “We Are All Workers” banner

Break out to Committees

Program Committee

  • there will be vending stands at stadium open to us, this has fundraising potential for the coalition, coalition should consider selling food/drinks/t-shirts? at vending stands on May 1st
  • – would need troop of volunteers to sell food and drinks
  • looking into speaker from Wisconsin
  • candidates for central speaker:
  • Eric Ward, organized African Americans around immigration as continuation of Civil Rights Movement.
  • Arizona Representative Raul Grijalva
  • other national speakers?
  • will have speaker from the Comité
  • will have rank and file speakers to address central theme identified at Worker’s Assembly

Possible Music:

  • Fandango Project
  • Blue Scholars

Length of program – about two hours

Logistics Committee

  • – the stadium has been secured
  • – sounds like we’ll start at St. Mary’s
  • – propose 1pm start time, undecided
  • – route to be determined – talk of developing route to pass Capitol Hill churches


  • facilities liaison – Eli is willing, other volunteers welcome
  • stadium team – would like 40 volunteers (lots of tarps)
  • sound person – Trevor Hammond (needs to be confirmed)
  • need budget for sound equipment from program/budget committees


  • police liaison – ask Miguel Bocanegra, Randy Nuñez
  • tactical team – need to form
  • legal observers – Lawyer’s Guild will hold training mid-April

Action Items:

  • identify and solicit groups to help with security
  • possibilities: Pinay Sa, Teamsters, Student groups, Mecha, AIM, CAR
  • need Outreach Committee to ask for volunteers while doing outreach

Outreach Committee

  • is developing a googledoc list
  • working on developing flier
  • looking towards fundraising event, appetizers, movie, speakers, or testimonials
  • buskers’ guild has offered to do fundraising, if have venue

Action Items:

  • need volunteers to make calls for follow up fundraising and outreach, as well as encouraging people to attend meetings and volunteer at event.

Next meeting – Tuesday, March 15th, 6pm, Seattle University School of Law, Room C-5


February 17th Meeting

Update on February 25th Action

Committee met Friday, Feb. 11


-Reserved and secured permits for Westlake Park

-Created a draft of the flier

-Intend to phone bank media

-Media notice going out Monday

-Making press packets day of




-Trying to figure out how to do rally

-Should a delegation go inside with a letter?

Next meeting: 2/18 at café vita, 2:00

Report back from Comite community assembly at St. Mary’s

2/13, about 50 people in attendance


-Driver’s licenses, concerns about people selling addresses

-Exercising your rights trainings

-May 1st March route: want to leave from St. Mary’s again

Senate Bill 5407

Amended – Substitute bill

-Has passed through committee

-Change in language, not sure exactly what is different

-Going next to the Rules Committee

-If it doesn’t pass within a certain amount of time, it will die

Hearing on House Bill, Tues. 2/22, 3:30 pm, Olympia

-Contact Sandy ( if interested in attending

May 1st

*Motion approved: It was moved that we not break into committees, and instead remain in larger group


-Possible route change? Leave from St. Mary’s and stop at churches (march will be on Sunday)

-Will table route conversation until we hear more from Comite community assemblies

-Most time sensitive issue is securing memorial stadium

Need as many coalition members and allies as possible to attend Worker’s assembly, March 5th, St. Mary’s, 10am-3pm


-Last years budget: $15,000

-This year: we’ll save money on ground cover, but may need more money for better sound system

February 25th Action

*Motion approved: It was moved that we table discussions of May 1st and focus on our more immediate action on the 25th


-Planning another action, maybe chase bank, which we could advertise on 2/25

-Have a May 1st save the date flier to pass around on 2/25?


-Add save the date (3/5 workers assembly and 5/1) to bottom of 2/25 flier

-Outreach Day: Sat. 2/19, 11am and 3pm, meet at blue house to flier in

White center, South Park, Burien and Beacon Hill

*Motion approved: end meeting and spend rest of time stuffing envelopes (letters to May 1st supporters)

Next Meeting: Tues. 2/22, Seattle University Law School, Room C5

Come make signs and banners for 2/25


9 February, 2011 Meeting

Organizing for Action on the 25th

Facilitators: Co-chairs Sandy Restrepo and Federico Martinez


Report since last meeting

report back from Lobby day

There are several pieces of legislation being proposed in Olympia that, if passed, will negatively impact immigrant communities.

The most prominent one of these is an attempt to make providing a Social Security Number or proof of citizenship a requirement to obtain a drivers license.

The bill is currently in the transportation committee, where it will go to an executive vote. then will go to legislature.

Arguments against –

1) DOL data has not been analyzed to provide scientific justification for the bill

2) public safety issue – unlicensed drivers are a liability

3) the motives behind the legislation are clearly racist and nativist

May 1 activists made a strong presence at the hearing about the bill on lobby day. They were, however, not allowed to formally testify.

We have a potential ally in Frank Chopp as he has taken pro-immigrant stands in the past.

Action items:

    1. write letters encouraging Chopp to take stand against SB 5407
    2. May 1st members should try to get a meeting with Chopp
    3. Attend hearing on the bill February 22nd, 3pm, Highway and Licensing Bldg. room 413
    4. There is a diversity fair for legislators and constituents at the capitol on February 21st from 6 to 8pm. It is open to public and am opportunity to make a presence, asking legislators to oppose the bill.

February 3 Public Hearing on Police Accountability – Report Back

Comité made a visible presence, stating that the police chief should resign. Yeah!

Diverse groups of people expressed dissent

A Williams family member was upset about events outside meeting due to issues of indigenous respects, spirituality.

Concerns raised by coalition members:

-important to focus on police violence rather than specific case

-important to let the native community take leadership on this issue. Police violence is not a recent phenomenon for indigenous communities.

Feb. 25 Action

To express:

    1. solidarity with actions in Ellensburg and Yakima in response to the recent ICE raids
    2. resistance to proposed state legislation targeting immigrant communities
    3. opposition to the increased activity by ICE throughout state that is creating an atmosphere of fear
    4. opposition to the high circulation at Tacoma detention center.

Time and Location

Westlake, February 25, 4pm

Will march to 1000 2nd Ave DOL, ICE

Feb 25th Committee to meet friday, February 11th

May 1st Committees

  1. Logistics Committee



-police liaison

-tag team

-communication – get ahold of Larry (now)

-media liaison


-volunteers (especially community leaders), would like to have a volunteer coordinator this year, coordinate with outreach and fundraising to recruit volunteers

-security training 2 weeks prior to action and the day of


-starting point – Memorial Stadium

-end point – Memorial Stadium


-facility liaison – meet with stadium facility liaison

-stage setup

-sound – delegate acquiring equipment to program, get sound guy (Juan), set up equipment.


-stage security

Action Items:

seek security volunteers during outreach and fundraising

  1. Outreach Committee

Will use union printer for majority of fliers

Action Items:

Will be meeting from 1 to 3pm, February 23 and 26, Teamsters Local 2,14675 Interurban Ave S, Tukwila

Call to artists for May Day t-shirt design

  1. Program Committee

Messaging –

  • focus on solutions
  • personal rather than rhetorical
  • strong “us” theme, reclaiming the word “solidarity”?
  • celebrating the community – all groups and all ages
  • speakers from community rather than politicians
  1. Administration Committee – Communication and Fundraising
  • feb, march, april – writers for letters to editor, blog posts, statements
  • updating media list – help
  • create call to action video for May 1, maybe for Feb 25
  • events leading up to May

Action Items:

  • need volunteers for writing and proof-readering
  • call for additions to media list (anyone who has media contacts, please bring them to upcoming meetings)
  • call for t-shirt design
  1. Finances and Budget – did not meet

Upcoming meetings 2/17, 2/22, 6pm, Seattle University Law School, 901 12th Ave, room C5 (12th and Columbia, bottom floor)


2/1/11 Meeting

Location: Seattle University Law School

Facilitators: Co-chairs Sandy Restrepo and Federico Martinez

1) Analysis of May 1st March

What went well/didn’t last year:

congestion at the stadium was hard

Memorial stadium was a great place to end up. (maybe have more volunteers there?)

confusion that the march would be cancelled due to Swine Flu, May 2009

figuring out WAIRAC’s identity made it hard to do organizing – now that we’re set, it could go smoother.


May First Action Coalition’s role is fluid, includes sponsoring and organizing actions other than the May First march, works in coordination with El Comite, as an organizations in struggle and solidarity with immigrants and workers

We need to move in our communities to build this movement, bring in more people to the coalition (Pedro)

the question of representation came up: do we vote as individuals or by group?  It was suggested that we try to create agreement/consensus instead of a vote.

General Assembly of workers:

Upcoming community dialogues leading up to the assembly: Tacoma (2/17); Auburn (2/19); Seattle (2/13); Monroe (2/27); Marysville (3/6); Mt. Vernon (3/13)

General Assembly: Saturday March 5th at St. Mary’s.  Will decide on the program and message for the March.

2) Washington State Legislation

2/3 hearing for SB 5407

Star reported that the legislation tries to codify that you must either have a Social Security Number or a sworn affidavit saying you don’t have a SSN, and then your driver’s licence will say “This is not for idenity purposes”

Hearing is at 3:30.  2-3 cars are heading down, leaving at 1:30 from 20th and Weller (Comité office).

3) Action against ICE Raids

ICE has recently conducted raids in Ellensburg

Decided: we will conduct a demonstration in the near future to demand a stop to the raids.

Date – Friday 2/25 in evening

Potential target – ICE building downtown? (no good rally spot there)

Committee to proceed with organizing the action: Star, Colette, Maria, Eli, Joel, KL, Juan, Federico, and Sandy.

Try to bring out students through Mecha

Good to coordinate and communicate with the students in Yakima who are organizing.

4) Growing the May First Action Coalition

Sandy and Federico have a list of 130 Social Justice-minded organizations in Seattle

they are sending out a letter to the organizations to look for support: coming to meetings, printing, money, in kind donations, or bringing people out to the march.

People signed up to call these organizations, to grow support and movement in the M1AC:

Labor organizations: Joel, Pedro, Boca, Connie

Social Justice organizations: Jill, KL, Steve, Jane, Juan

Student organizations: Aldo, Maria, Eli, Joel

Faith organizations: Adam, Coletter, Jill

Let’s do some lead up events, and start mobilizing people, and generating interest!!

5) More reflection on last year’s march, and thoughts for this year’s

The march was too long last year.

Should we do morning workshops like at the Martin Luther King Jr. celebration (education on the meaning of May 1, current labor issues, etc.)

Program at the end was too long.  Mix in some music?

Idea: Start at St. James, stop a few places along the way for speeches (St. James, ICE building, etc.) to shorten the program at the end.

Memorial Stadium is pretty pricey – we need to fundraise to get it, and also plan ahead to have a good sound system.

Other ideas for rally options: the piers, park next to Pike Place, Occidental Park, St. James.

If we begin and end and Memorial Stadium it would facilitate educational programs.

Motion passed: There will be no uphill climb at the end of the march!

It’s everyone’s job to start fund-raising.

6) John T. Williams organizing

Veteran’s for Peace passed a resolution calling for Criminal Prosecution of Birk.

May First Action Coalition could write a similar statement.

Thur. 2/3 The Stranger is running an accountability panel with the mayor, ACLU, Diaz, etc. at City Hall.

Idea: Resolve that Diaz resign for being ineffective.

Next meetings: Wed. 2/9 6pm Seattle University Law School

Thur. 2/17

Tues 2/22

Meetings will be weekly, rotating from Tuesday to Wednesday to Thursday.

October 20 meeting:


El Comite organizing for the December 18th Fundraiser Dinner

They need…. Donations of auction items, volunteers to plan and help out for the event, people to be table captains, and everyone to reach out to their org.s and turn people out on the day of.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act 2010

introduced by Senators Menendez (D-NJ) and Leahy (D-VT). Likely to be debated in post-election session of Congress.

Meeting Notes

Facilitated by Federico


Brief clarification of meaning of Coalition – May 1st AC is a coalition of organizations and individuals – people can come without representing a community group or organization

I.               Report backs

a.     John T. Williams memorial march

i.     Went well, M1AC had a good presence, some question of use of the space by members of the Revolutionary Communist Party

ii.     As a result, M1AC decided not to be involved in organizing for the Oct 22nd March against police brutality

b.     El Comite video

i.     Ideas are for organizing videos; know your rights, examination of the issues, fundraising video

ii.     Oct video meeting was canceled, will be rescheduled

II.             Endorsement – Witness for Peace Speaking tour: Migrating Towards Justice, Oct. 20th -Nov. 5th

a.     Coalition approved the endorsement

III.           MLK Day

a.     Move towards having a strong May 1st Action Coalition contingent in the march

i.     Organize our base, turn people out

ii.     On agenda for next meeting

IV.            El Comite Fundraiser Dinner

a.     St. Mary’s, December 18th, 5pm.

b.     Last year the dinner didn’t make enough, this year el Comite wants to be more ambitious

c.      Ways to participate

i.     Come as an individual or an org: $35/plate or $400/table

ii.     Donate: Sponsorship levels – $200 Bronze, $400 Silver, $ 500 gold, $1000 platinum

iii.     Be a table captain: sell all 8 tickets for a table

d.     Needs:

i.     Volunteers for day of

ii.     Auction items

iii.     People to turn out/do outreach to their orgs

V.              Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act 2010

a.     May pass in lame duck sessions, nothing before Nov. 2nd

b.     What can we do?

i.     Community dialogues

1.     Presentations, trainings, trainings with every member org of the coalition

c.      Coalition’s position

i.     Criticize the parts that we don’t like

ii.     Support legalization

iii.     If it doesn’t pass – get ready for January

iv.     Use it as an opportunity for movement building

v.     Revisit the principles that were articulated at the workers assembly

VI.            Next meeting

a.     Thursday’s won’t work, co-chair unavailable

i.      Create a doodle to find regular time (Leah)

b.     Before each meeting

i.     Send out an agenda early, so people can add to it

ii.     Reminder phone calls

c.      Location

i.     M&M café? (Jorge)

d.     Create a may 1st action coalition calendar of events

VII.          Announcements

a.     Cispes LGBT speaker from El Salvador, Oct. 28th

b.     Cispes 30th anniversary party December 5th

c.      CARW 10th anniversary party December 4th

September 2, 2010 Meeting

  1. Reports

a) August 17 Obama Rally: People shared their reflections on the rally.  Here are some of the thoughts that were shared:

-The rally had a lot of energy, the speakout went well.

– There was a decent turnout – the island we were on was packed, with 150-200 people

– The police were kept fairly well roped in by their supervisor.  There was a slight skirmish with police, and complaints are going to be filed

– The mainstream press overlooked our presence – the story of the day was how this was Obama’s first visit since the campaign.  The Tea Party got no press either.  Univision carried the story. So did Real Change

– There was an abrasive sounding/squeaky loudspeaker during the march

– The action was good for the people who were there, whether or not the press covered it.

– Not enough of a plan around security

-Colette should be part of the media team.

– Needed to have a stronger media plan, and a speaker list

– Who can be the energetic person who pumps people up?

– Given the amount of time we had to organize, it was successful.

Sidenote: El Comité raised $900 for their Defense Fund on the radio recently.  There is a need to raise more money for the fund to protect activists and others detained in Tacoma.

b) El Comité’s panel discussions/workshops at Seattle University and Casa Latina.  People shared their reflections on these recent events.

  • The S.U. Event was held in conjunction with the Law School there.  There was a discussion of the Dream Act as a bandaid for a bullet wound.  Showed the movie Papers, which was long, so the discussion was short.  The Seattle U Law School group that put the event on wants to continue to collaborate.
  • The Casa Latina event was  Know Your Rights workshop.  It was in the morning and attended by 40 people who came to Casa get work.  Topics covered: what to do when the police or ICE knock at your door or stop you on street.  It seemed like maybe people didn’t believe part of what Sandy presented in the first part of the workshop?  These workshops may continue on a monthly basis.

2)Proposed projects to get involved in.

a) Know your Rights video and Casa Latina Know Your Rights workshops with El Comité.

We brainstormed about the video.  Steve suggested getting SU drama students involved (he knows a drama professor and can try to connect them to the project).

Andy, Oscar, and Fatima/Washington CAN set up a meeting to work on this Thursday Sept. 16 at Cafe Vita at 6pm.  The video may include information about family plans, educating children on what to do if the police/ICE come to the door, information about how Secure Communities changes things, where to keep documents, and making a plan about who is safe to contact you if you are detained.

It would be great if people stepped up to be involved in El Comité’s Know Your Rights trainings at Casa Latina (must know Spanish)

b) October 22nd Stop Police Brutality march

People thought it would be great for May First Action Coalition to be involved in organizing a broader coalition to lead this march this year.

-Discussion point: Why is it strategic for M1AC to be involved/taking on leadership?

Because of the police brutalities against Latinos/immigrants/people perceived as immigrants, including the recent case of the man being kicked in the face and being called racial slurs by police

To do movement building

Because of the way Secure Communities is changing police involvement in immigration issues

  • We can address how we want the police to act, like create a set up demands on how to be treated humanely by police
  • Do we have the capacity to work on this right now?
  • There is a lot of movement in Seattle around police brutality right now.  We can use this to build movement for May 1 too.
  • We can try to bring in folks from SYPP, nonprofits in Rainier, Tenants Union, YUIR People’s Institute, Minority Executive Directors Coalition, and many other groups.

Decision: We will designate people to find out who organizes the march, send out an email calling for meetings once we know who organizes it.  Everyone can start activating their networks at that point.

Right at this point, Cici (spelling?), one of the October 22 march organizers shows up at the meeting.  We expressed we’d like to be in leadership at the meeting and that we would like to bring together a larger coalition to organize it.

Meeting with October 22nd folks was set for September 12 at 5:30 at Cafe Vita.

Next M1AC meeting October 7, 6pm, at the Blue House.

Agenda items: October 22 mobilization, and ????

August 10, 2010 Meeting


1.      Translate and email flyer in Spanish (traducir el volante al Español

2.      Get banners from SEIU Local 6

3.      Write the Obama demand letter in English and Spanish (escribir la carta de Demandas a Obama)

4.      Buy Materials for Banner Making

a.       Paint/pintura

b.      Cloth/tela

c.       Markers/plumones

d.      Sponge brushes

e.       Hair dryer/secador de pelo

f.       Stencils

g.       Spray paint

h.      Bring your own blank t-shirt to silk screen/trae una camiseta para ponerle diseno

Calendario de Eventos Agosto 11 – Agosto 17

Miércoles, Agosto 11

–          Oscar mandar una copia de la carta de demandas para Obama (Oscar will email a draft of Obama demand letter)

Jueves, Agosto 12

–          Outreach 11 am – 4pm Burien Tianguis Mercado

Viernes, Agosto 13

–          Outreach!

Sábado, Agosto 14

–          Outreach, outreach, outreach!!!!

–          Outreach 12pm – 3pm Protest Demanding Human Rights @ Tacoma Detention Center 1623 E. J St. Tacoma

Domingo, Agosto 15

10 am – 4pm Outreach a iglesias (local churches)

11 am – 4pm Outreach Burien Tianguis Mercado

4pm – Workparty and Potluck @ Comite office. Everyone bring food to share, we will be making banners and signs and also the logistics/security team will meet. Tendremos un reunion para comer y hacer la pancartas para la demonstracion, tambien el equipo de seguridad se reune. Bring materials from list above. Tragan materiales de la lista de arriba.

Lunes, Agosto 16

–          Preparativos de ultimo minutos (last minute preparation)

–          6pm Outreach Summer Labor Picnic, Lincoln Park, Shelter #3 (

Martes, Agosto 17

–          Meet downtown at 8:30ish AM (logistics team will confirm time)

MINUTAS – 10 Agosto 2010 Coordinadora-Comite & Coalicion de Accion de 1o de Mayo

I.                    Presentaciones – sign in

II.                 Acción de Visita de Obama

a. Logísticas – Boca

i.      Tenemos los permisos de los parques al lado del hotel Westin

ii.      No tenemos permiso de parque de Westlake.

iii.      Nos reunimos en el parque de Westlake y marchamos a los parques que están en 5th/Westlake/Stewart y 6th/Westlake/Stewart

iv.      Marchamos sin permiso, de 2 por 2

v.      Tenimos sistema de sonido y va estar en el parque

vi.      Va ver 3 grupos: los que están marchando, los que posiblemente estarán en una zona segura, y la delegación a obama

vii.      Delegacion a Obama – tenemos un conocido que esta en el staff de Murray. El va mandar la carta antes de leer la.

viii.      Hablamos sobre la táctica de presentar la carta: demanda/apoyo. El contenido será igual pero la manera es diferente.

ix.      El equipo de seguridad se reúne este domingo a 4pm en la oficina de Comité. Va ser el mismo del 1º de Mayo

x.      Transporte – cada quien viene por su propio cuento. Sugerimos que se venga en transporte publico porque no va ver parking y va ver mucho trafico

b.      Medios – Oscar/Antonio/Federico

i.      Hay errores en el flyer pero como no hay tiempo que mantenerlo así

ii.      Sandra/Diana van a traducir lo al español

iii.      Oscar escribo el comunicado de prensa en los dios idiomas

iv.      Si necesita comunicar y anunciar el evento en la radio.

c.       Outreach – todos!

i.      El horario de evento no es bueno. Mucha gente esta trabajando a esa hora

ii.      Enfoque en jóvenes y los que no tiene trabajo

iii.      Sandy va mandar un calendario de eventos de ahora hasta el 17 de agosto.

iv.      Todos nos comprometimos invitar a 5 personas

d. Finanzas/Dinero

i.      Donaciones de junta 8/5 $90, pero se gasto $140 en bolates

ii.      Pedimos donaciones otra vez durante esta junta, $80.

iii.      No hay dinero! Cada quien paga por los volantes

III.               Señor que garbo el video del ataque policiaco de un Latino pide apoyo

a.       Reporte de la protesta – fuimos del grupo Comité de Tacoma

b.      El tiene representación legal

c.       Necesita apoyo comunitario porque la policía que distraer de investigación de los policías

d.      El está dispuesto a ayudarnos con video en nuestros eventos o venir si hay problemas y necesitamos equipo de grabación

IV. Anuncios

a.       Antonio reporta que el Blue Shield le va dar un premio en un evento de Casa Latina. El lo acepta de parte del trabajo que todos hacimos por la comunidad de parte de Comité, no como individual.

MEETING MINUTES – Joint emergency meeting El Comité and May 1st Action Coalition

I.                    Introductions

II.                 Action – Obama’s visit

a.       Logistics – Boca

i.      We have permits for the two triangle parks next to Hotel Westin

ii.      We don’t have permit for Westlake park

iii.      We will still meet there but we will march to the two triangle parks on 5th/Westlake/stewart and 6th/Westlake/stewart

iv.      Since there is no marching permit we must stay on sidewalk and single file line

v.      We have a confirmed sound system for the little triangle park

vi.      We will have 3 different teams: people who are constantly marching, those near a “safe-zone”, delegation that will go to Obama with demand letter

vii.      Delegation to Obama update – we have a staff member of Murray who will hand deliver the letter after he reads it to approve.

viii.      We discussed our tactics on delivering the letter: demand/friendly. We decided both was good approach and the message/content of letter stays the same.

ix.      Security/logistics team will be same model as May 1st march and we will meet to discuss strategy on Sunday at 4pm at comite offices

x.      Transporte – everyone needs to provide own means of communication. We have no funds! We suggest folks take the bus, carpool, bike or walk because there will be no parking and lots of traffic.

b.      Media – Oscar/Antonio/Federico

i.      There are errors in flyer but it is too late to reprint so stick with copies made

ii.      Sandra/Diana will translate to Spanish

iii.      Oscar has written a press release in eng/sp

iv.      We need to blast message on radio

c.       Outreach – everyone

i.      Time frame of event is hard because everyone is working. We need to focus outreach efforts on youth and unemployed.

ii.      Sandy will send a calendar of action and events from now until 8/17

iii.      We all commit to invite/bring 5 friends

d.      Finances/Money

i.      We gathered $90 at last meeting, we spent $140 on printing flyers

ii.      We asked donations again today and got $80

iii.      We have no monies! Everyone must contribute by printing their own flyers

e.       Videographer of Police Brutality to Latino Man needs our support

i.      Report back from rally outside of courthouse

ii.      He has legal representation

iii.      He has offered his services to document our actions or come in an emergency if we are confronted by police

III.               Announcements

a.       Antonio reports he will be honored by Blue Shield at a Casa Latina event. He accepts the award on behalf of the community and our collective efforts and not as an individual.


Important Updates from the August 5th WA-IRAC Meeting

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, August 17th – Obama in Seattle! Take Action to Stop the Deportations! March starts at Westlake Plaza at 10am, rally at the Westin Hotel at 10:30.

– No deportations

– No to the 287G programs

– No to the Secure Communities programs

– No to E-verify

Sunday, August 15th – Potluck/sign and banner making work party for the August 17th action. Blue House, 5pm

– Please donate supplies and money! Anything you have can be dropped off at the Blue House on Sunday, or contact Boca to drop things off at another time,


We changed our name! The Washington Immigrant Rights Action Coalition is now the May 1st Action Coalition.

We need a volunteer to take meeting notes in Spanish, or someone to translate minutes from English to Spanish. If you are interested, please contact Leah,

Next May 1st Action Coalition meeting will be Thursday, September 2nd, at the Blue House at 6pm

Meeting Minutes 8/5/2010

I. Introductions

II. Announcement of the Agenda

–       Internal Structure

–       Work Plan

–       Upcoming events

Additional agenda items?

a.     Proposal to change the name of the group from Washington Immigrant Rights Action Coalition to May 1st Coalition

–       A name change would help avoid confusion with the Washington Immigrant Rights Coalition

–       There are other May 1st coalitions and May 1st is representative of workers struggles and an international symbol

–       There was concern that there may be confusion on the list serves, and also questions about how to differentiate between the people/groups who want to participate year round and those who just want to participate in planning for may day

–       It was proposed that we adopt the name the May 1st Action Coalition and that we create a subgroup called the May 1st planning committee that focuses on May Day and does not meet year round

This proposal was voted on and approved

III. Internal Structure

a.     Leadership

–     Role of chair is being passed on from Samira to Sandi

b.     Proposal to create a steering committee

–       More structure/assigned roles could help the coalition move forward

–       CARW taking on some logistical roles to support the coalition. These include blog and Facebook updating (Eli), contact info and list-serve management (Leah M.) and meeting notes (Leah G-W)

–       There is a difference between logistics and coordinating

–       We discussed a steering committee as an opportunity to bring people to the table that historically have been involved in the coalition.

–       A steering committee could be an opportunity to define the coalition, develop our identity, develop more analysis, distinguish ourselves.

–       Doesn’t necessarily work to have a representative steering committee. It would need to be made up of people who are passionate about the work

–       Who would have a vote? Do we differentiate between individuals and people representing a group or organization?

This discussion was put on the shelf for further discussion at a later meeting.

c.    Logistics

–     Need for meeting notes in Spanish, someone to volunteer to translate minutes or take minutes in Spanish

–     Minutes should come out in blog

–     Meetings will be held the 1st Thursday of every month at the blue house. Emergency meetings can also be held as needed

IV. Work Plan

a. Comite Action Update

–     Obama coming to Seattle @ 12 on august 17th to support Patty Murray

–     Comite is planning an action for this day from Westlake Center to the Westin

possibly will include

o   sending in a delegation to try to deliver a letter to president Obama

o   civil disobedience

–     Want to recognize that some positive things have come from the Obama administration, but it’s still a very negative situation with deportations, e-verify, etc. Need to remind Obama of broken promises

–       The 4 main points:

o   no to deportations

o   no to racial profiling

o   no to e-verify

o   no to police and ice collaborations

–       Should our platform be specific only to Washington state or include the problems other communities are facing?

o   Discussed the differences between 287 G and secure communities

–       It was proposed that instead we do another action not during the work day. Concerned that not enough people would come. Also raised concerns about the possibility of civil disobedience keeping people away

o   El Comite is already committed to this action

It was proposed that the coalition endorse the action. It was voted on and approved

b. Action Planning

–     The coalition can help with bringing people out/mobilizing, do outreach, fliering, contacting other orgs

–      Students and unemployed people would be good to reach out to

–      Coordinate with other groups who may also be protesting?

Next planning meeting will be Tuesday, August 10, 2010 at the blue house

What needs to be done between now and Tuesday?

–      Solidify action details

o   Boca is working on the permit

o   Event begins at 11:30, we should be there by 10:30 as people are coming in, rally at 10 at Westlake and march to Westin.

–      Flier – Federico

o   Flier should include four points

o   Fliers can be picked up at the blue house, also will be sent to the list serve

–      Eli will create a Facebook event

–      Boca is main contact person for action questions

–      No budget- need to fundraise

–            Sign making and banner making work party- Sunday 8/15, the blue house, 5pm potluck

o   Everyone should have a sign – encourage people to make their own

o   Need supplies! To donate bring by blue house

o   Someone to send out e-mail call for donations – Leah

V. Upcoming Events/ Announcements

August 8 – Dia del Salvadoreno, 2-7pm., Pratt Park, 20th and Yesler.

August 10- Panel on the Dream Act and showing of the film Papers, Seattle University Law School Annex, 12th and Columbia

August 11- CARW meeting, 6pm, Location TBD, with presentation from El Comite

August 26- Trade Justice Happy Hour, 4-6pm, WA state labor council

–       Presentation from the Witness for Peace “Roots of Migration” delegation

August 31- Know Your Rights Workshop, CASA Latina, 7:30 am

–     Need volunteers to assist with workshop

September 2- Next May 1st Action Coalition meeting, 6pm, Blue House

VI. Final Items

a. Taking action around SB1070 in Arizona

–     SB1070 actions will be on the agenda for the Sept. 2 meeting

–     Fatima will update the M1AC (us) about what Washington CAN is doing. they have a campaign to stop the Mariner’s from attending the All-Star game in Arizona, and possibly some other anti-SB1070 campaigns in the works

–     Center for Community change has created a great graphic organizer that clearly shows what parts of SB1070 have been blocked, what hasn’t been blocked, and what will            happen next

o   Eli will post it to the blog and it will be sent out over the list serve

b.      One final announcement

–      August 7 Rose City Copwatch is doing a training at Casa Latina from 12-6pm.


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